Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alex Weiland - Editor of Acclaim Magazine / Blogger / All Round Dope Ass Chick

I frikkin love lady bloggers. Especially those with wit, style and flair that easily outshine the boys. (viva la Girl Mafia!) Alex Weiland - otherwise known as @cc_mayoress on twitter is a prime example of what I'm talking about. One of the ladette (her term) contributors for Mayoress and boss lady of Acclaim magazine - which is amazing, Ms Weiland is a woman of substance and hilarity. I can't actually imagine her living in Melbourne where the sky is not always blue, 'cause she blatantly belongs in Miami or some shit. Plus lets just take a nano sec to check out missus bling...yup. Pretty increddy. Tight.

So I threw a few unfinished sentences her way and this is what she came up with. GOD I can't WAIT to head over to Melbs and get rowdy with this lass.

Bet she smells of coconut.

I'm so happy ... I didn’t end up with a career in advertising. I was so close to taking a full-time job at the shit agency I was at when I saw an internship come up for ACCLAIM (remember myspace?) and thought fuck it, I’m applying. I’ll move to Melbourne if I get it. I got it.

I am glad ... I moved to Melbourne. Melbourne is definitely the best city in Australia to live. But yeah, weather sucks.

I love ... getting emails back from awesome people that I’ve hit up out of the blue with an editorial request. I’ve found that the most talented people are often the nicest and the most arrogant motherfuckers you’ll meet are usually the people that have fuck all going on with their lives and no talent. Woah, that sounded negative.

I can't stand it when ... people are unreliable. I’m not the most dependable person on the planet but fuck man, I am constantly amazed at what incompetent flaky idiots there are out there. So many. So so many.

Sometimes I ... feel like I should have fucked off uni and become a PA and sat on 60k a year in some office job. I then realize that I’d rather be doing what I love every day than be in a job I despise five days a week so I can shop on on the weekend. Fuck that, give me Valleygirl any day if the trade off is my happiness and self worth.

The best thing I ever saw … was the crowd at our recent launch party in Singapore. It was our first ever international launch and it was just crazy! So many people came through, Haji lane was packed and everyone was partying so hard. There was crowd surfing at one stage! We sold out of all the mags and tees just about too. It was just so refreshing to see all these cats so into the scene, no posers, just good times. When you’re standing in the crazy humidity with a beer in your hand, a massive event turn out and Bob Marley blaring from the speakers in a foreign city, life is good!

My most favourite ... lunch to get on Victoria st near my work is tomato rice with garlic and beef. (Thanh Thanh 2 holler!) Seriously, you need to try this shit. I actually ate it way too much (several times a week at one stage) and am kinda over it now truth be told. I also ate stingray in Singapore, it’s amazing! I don’t get why white people don’t eat that shit. Untapped resource yo.

I have never ... had magic mushrooms. I know, crazy right?

I always ... need water next to my bed when I go to sleep. The habits of a (slightly) reformed binge drinker die hard.

I wish ... I didn’t have to share my wardrobe with my boyfriend. Like whoah.

Back in the day ... Fiorucci was my shit. Man I loved that fucking brand. Wish I had hung on to some of my tees. Love that classic two angels logo.

I love wearing … bikinis. I love the beach and pool. I own about 10 pairs of bikinis and like two winter coats. My wardrobe is in Melbourne denial.

If I could ... afford it I’d buy my boyfriend a Rolex. He’s one of the hardest working people I know.

There will always be ... a little part of me that has a soft spot for Brisbane. Everyone there is so chilled and friendly, no one’s got ‘beef’.

My top 3 … coconut related products.
Reef lotion
Malibu and pineapple juice.
Those little biscuit things that are just grated coconut from Vietnamese bakeries.

I would totally ... go to the gym if someone paid for my membership and walked me to the door with a gun to my back every morning. (hahahaha. Sozz, love Owl)
I reckon the Obnoxious Owl ... should come to Melbourne and have some gin and tonics with me.

Holla girl, I'm there!

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gracie said...

epic lol @ fiorucci... so true!!!!

Community College said...

I didn't seem like such a negative hateful bitch when these answers were in a word document I swear! Didn't mean to hate on Melbourne cats so hard! haha

Obnoxious Owl said...

Pretty sure you can get away with nost things you say girl x

vassmoney said...

Miss drinking beers with her and being one of those unreliable people.

Community College said...

Yes you WERE one of those unreliable ppl Vassmoney! Makin' me go grey i swear haha.

Nancy Magoo said...

I am currently one of those unreliable people, I swear I'm working on that article now.

If you don't hurt me I'll introduce you to the mushroom patch near my house.

Hayley said...

I thought I was one of the best things you'd seen.

M.A.F.I.A. said...

Fantastic read!!! So proud of CC! She is def the shit!

Obnoxious Owl said...