Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take my advice...I don't use it anyway HOMME Part 20


DON'T ASK US, JUST DO IT - I'm talking about the dirty stuff here.  It's hot if you just take matters into your own hands and own that shit.  Except for where the jizz goes...that's up to us. Sozz.

CALL HER !! - Man up bonehead.

STOP BEING SUCH A FUCKING 'UP TALKER' - Anything we can do you can do better hey? Eurgh, know-it-all dudes are such clit killers.

CHOOSE YOUR CAR COLOUR WISELY - Yellow and purple cars are not Owl friendly.  My girls hate those. Tacky and, what does that tell us about your life choices?  Exactly.

ALWAYS WALK ROAD SIDE NEXT TO A GIRL - Don't underestimate the power of chivalry.  Chicks totally dig it.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WOMAN AND GIRLS ... - A girl will be impressed with the amount of money you earn and your status.  A woman is impressed with manners and the fact that an independent woman intrigues you...not frightens you.  A woman also enjoys it if you are able to flip her over with one hand.

EAT PUSSY - Stop being such a selfish brat.

miss you x


Raptor said...

Totally agree with the first one! None if this polite asking which position I'd like to go, just fucking throw me over and go however you like! what a clit killer

Obnoxious Owl said...


Ryan said...

Lawl. Girls, Ima do horrible things to you in the sack now that I have a free pass.

Obnoxious Owl said...

Ryan, do you need my number?

Anonymous said...

the first tip sounds a bit rapey

Obnoxious Owl said...

its not rape, it's roleplay