Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ILLY - Australian rapper and man of substance

After minutes when chatting with Illy you realize that he is not your average member of the Aus hip hop world. He has relative and thought provoking things to say and while he is no stranger to the treats and parties that come with the world in which he has become a solid player , it is not what he is all about and he is, as they say, IN it and not OF it. I think that unlike many, Al (real name innit) is building his house on the rocks rather than the sand...what with four months away from finishing his law degree (!) and conducting himself in a manner which both earns him respect for his integrity as well as for being no stranger in getting loose.  This approach I think definitely comes through in his music. Like, I am the only real hip hop lover amongst my large ish group of very indie/electro loving friends. These guys, who would usually turn their little hipster noses up to most Aus hip hop, have always made Illy an exception. He will be touring the country starting on the 20th Feb...it is totally worth checking it out. No Perth dates as yet...but the man tells me that dates are still to be announced. Before we hear more from fella, I wanna give him mad Owl props for his TripleJ Top 100 entry! Next time you're in Perthetic mate,  Imma buy you a drink with an umbrella in it to celebrate.

NUMBER 29 ... was where I came on the triple j hottest 100 this year with my song "It Can Wait", which features Owl Eyes, ironically.

HIP HOP IN AUSTRALIA ... is on the up and up, and getting bigger each year.  It's been exciting seeing the genre establish legitimacy within the Australian music scene over the last 8 or so years, and I think its only going to get bigger.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM ... with ketamine is its scarcity.

THE THING I AM MOST PROUD OF ... My latest album "The Chase" (plug), the culmination of years and years of work to reach that standard musically, and the fact that i stayed in school and will finish uni in 4 months. But most of all my family, in particular my mum, who is the strongest person I have ever met.

KANYE WEST ... is a genius. Anyone who thinks differently is entitled to their opinion, but we have fundamental differences in what defines an amazing pop artist.

I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ... people who hate something so much they are compelled to criticise loudly, but don't hate that thing enough to actively do anything about it.

I TAKE BIGGEST INSPIRATION FROM ... my family, people that have supported me, and people I admire. And chronic fear of failure is also quite a good motivator, I've found.

IT ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH ... thinking about some of the shit that's gone down on tours over the years.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS... I would be a lawyer. Thank fucking God I'm doing this.

THE OBNOXIOUS OWL ..put me on to Mercyndol's last time I was in Perth. Over the counter bender cures. cheers babe

Ha! That's me! Perth's 'go to' girl for pain relief. See you soon buddy, Love Owl x


Raptor said...

he's definitely something different isn't he! hip hop/rap whatever you want to call it really isn't nor has ever been my thing but i make an exception for Illy aswell!

Obnoxious Owl said...