Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My friend and Adam Levine impersonator Ryan Boserio and I were discussing over free cider and honey glazed cashews the other night, the different ways to tie a tie, as you do, and the topic of this blog came up.  He asked if I had ever considered having a boy guest blog...you know, an actual real life smelly BOY giving advice.  I won't lie, the thought has crossed my mind in the past, but I poo poo'd the idea because I didn't want them getting all smart ass up in my domain you know?  But then, when Boserio brought it up I thought, 'Yeah, I do give them a hard time, it's time to hand over the soap box for a bit'

Naturally as Ryan had prompted me, it was obvious he would be the guest blogger, but I then realized that we are halfway through MOvember, and we are supposed to be looking after all the boys prostates with a moustache or something, I might as well make the rest of the month all about the fella's on Obnoxious Owl 'cause Laaawwwwd doth know I like me a mans.  This is why I have asked the funniest, most creative guys I know to contribute and the response was so positive, that I may now be slightly afraid.  

I really wanted Ryan to be first up, but he is too busy doing other things like being a fancy artist etc, but he will be up soon, don't worry your pretty little feathery heads about it.  For the next two weeks I'm handing the mic over to the gentlemen.  Lord help me.

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